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Cardiff Counseling Center & Bonnie J. Rumble, MFT

Out of all the therapists I could have choose from I feel beyond blessed and incredibly lucky that Bonnie Rumble is the one in my life. In the past year she has become one of the most essential and influential people in my world.

She is warm and has this extraordinary energy to her that makes sharing the most difficult things much easier than it ever should be.  We can laugh together at all the ridiculous things going on in my life (humor is very key to me) and at the same time she is very straight to the point and doesn’t tip toe around issues.  So much more than just a therapist, Bonnie is an incredible mentor.  Truly a beautiful person inside and out.

I sought out Bonnie at my complete lowest: Depressed, suffering from major anxiety and just feeling like my world was completely falling apart.  As people we experience major transitions in our lives and all mine seemed to be happening at the same time (marriage, career, living situation, death, etc…).  I felt totally hopeless.  Looking back at the mental state I was in when I met Bonnie and where I am now is like night and day.  I am still dealing with all of the same hard issues as they don’t just go away obviously, but now I feel like I have a skill set to be happy, more positive, and less emotionally affected by them.  The depression and anxiety are gone and I am growing through these massive challenges instead of just floundering… and if I do flounder from time to time, she is there for that too!

Bonnie has sincerely changed my life in the most wonderful way.


Bonnie Rumble changed my life: first by supporting and believing in me, second by helping me to come out of years of deep depression, and finally by teaching me how to help myself. She is compassionate, trustworthy, and highly skilled at what she does. I feel blessed to have found her as a therapist.  Working with Bonnie as my therapist was an experience that made all the difference in the world. I felt complete trust in her and was able to resolve a serious depression I have struggled with all my life.  Her skill, compassion, and belief in the fact I could get better was what I needed. I am so thankful for her help.

My husband and I have been going to Bonnie since before we were married.  We wanted to get a sense of where our relationship was, and where it was heading before we tied the knot.  And we have been going to her each month for over 15 years now!  She has been there through all of our life experiences: career changes, moving, planning and expanding our family, and working on developmental issues from our past.  She has been part of our team and we couldn’t imagine not having her in our lives.

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It’s been 15 years since I heard Bonnie speak at a meeting, and once I heard her speak, she became my go-to for all that ails.  Bonnie has been more than a therapist to me.  She has guided me through the most difficult times in my life and has celebrated my victories.  Bonnie has the unique ability to say it all without saying a word.  I often tell her, that over time I have learned to read her eye-brows.  She embodies the unique combination of empathy, truth, and acceptance.  She gently pushes me to grow into the person I hope to be.  She is non-judgmental at all times, and direct when needed…always provides a soft place to land.  Thank you, Bonnie, for a decade and a half of coaching, compassion and caring.

Bonnie, thank you for teaching me how to enjoy life’s blessings and myself.

Bonnie J. Rumble is a rare find.  I have referred many of my homeopathic patients of all ages to Bonnie over the years and she has helped them dramatically change their lives.  She is a pleasure to work with and is always professional and prompt.  My clients are thrilled with the results.  That makes me happy.
Allison Maslan - Homeopathic Wellness Center